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Rustic 'Gemütlichkeit' in the restaurant that comes furnished with a fireplace, the Tandlerstube with its ceramic stove, the garden with its BBQ corner – no matter where you like it best in our house: We serve you fine meals that magically bring the taste of Seewinkel to your palate.

Regional ingredients, processed classically and interpreted in a new way allow the creation of dishes that are more than worthy of a Pannonian delicacy publican chef. Venison medallions with fried button mushrooms, Grandpa Tauber's venison soup, Somlauer Nockerl, strudels, Palatschinken or Kracher's Grand Cru (a blue cheese matured with "Beerenauslese" wine) make a visit to our house a first-class culinary experience. Whether at a Sunday family lunch, during your holiday meals or at dinner with friends: Enjoy the taste of Burgenland!




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